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EmailClient Class Reference

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Public Slots

void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *e)
void quit ()
void sendMessageTo (const QMailAddress &address, QMailMessage::MessageType type)


void clearProgress ()
void clearStatus ()
void updateProgress (uint, uint)
void updateStatus (const QString &)

Public Member Functions

bool cleanExit (bool force)
bool closeImmediately ()
 EmailClient (QWidget *parent=0, Qt::WindowFlags f=0)
void setVisible (bool visible)

Protected Slots

void accountsAdded (const QMailAccountIdList &ids)
void accountsRemoved (const QMailAccountIdList &ids)
void accountsUpdated (const QMailAccountIdList &ids)
void activityChanged (QMailServiceAction::Activity activity)
void allWindowsClosed ()
void automaticFetch ()
void cancelOperation ()
void composeActivated ()
void connectionStateChanged ()
void connectivityChanged (QMailServiceAction::Connectivity connectivity)
void copySelectedMessages ()
void copySelectedMessagesTo (const QMailFolderId &destination)
void deleteSelectedMessages ()
void detachThread ()
void discardMail ()
void emptyTrashFolder ()
void enqueueMail (QMailMessage &)
void exportPendingChanges ()
void exportPendingChanges (const QMailAccountId &accountId)
void externalEdit (const QString &)
void flagMessage (const QMailMessageId &id, quint64 setMask, quint64 unsetMask, const QString &description=QString("Updating message flags"))
void flagRetrievalActivityChanged (QMailServiceAction::Activity activity)
void folderSelected (QMailMessageSet *)
void forwardClicked ()
void getAccountMail ()
void getAllNewMail ()
void getNewMail ()
void getSingleMail (const QMailMessageMetaData &message)
void messageActivated ()
void messageOpenRequested ()
void messageSelectionChanged ()
void messagesFailedTransmission ()
void messagesUpdated (const QMailMessageIdList &ids)
void modify (const QMailMessage &message)
void moveSelectedMessages ()
void moveSelectedMessagesTo (const QMailFolderId &destination)
void nextMessage ()
void nextUnreadMessage ()
void noSendAccount (QMailMessage::MessageType)
void notificationStateChanged ()
virtual void presentMessage (const QMailMessageId &, QMailViewerFactory::PresentationType)
void previousMessage ()
void previousUnreadMessage ()
void progressChanged (uint progress, uint total)
void readerMarkMessageAsImportant ()
void readerMarkMessageAsNotImportant ()
void readerMarkMessageAsUnread ()
void readReplyRequested (const QMailMessageMetaData &)
void replyAllClicked ()
void replyClicked ()
void respond (const QMailMessage &message, QMailMessage::ResponseType type)
void respond (const QMailMessagePart::Location &partLocation, QMailMessage::ResponseType type)
void restoreSelectedMessages ()
void retrievalCompleted ()
void retrieveMessagePart (const QMailMessagePart::Location &partLocation)
void retrieveMessagePartPortion (const QMailMessagePart::Location &partLocation, uint bytes)
void retrieveMessagePortion (const QMailMessageMetaData &message, uint bytes)
void retrieveMoreMessages ()
void retrieveVisibleMessagesFlags ()
void rollBackUpdates ()
void runNextPendingExport ()
void saveAsDraft (QMailMessage &)
void scrollReaderDown ()
void scrollReaderUp ()
void search ()
void selectAll ()
void sendAllQueuedMail (bool userRequest=false)
void settings ()
void showSearchResult (const QMailMessageId &id)
void statusChanged (const QMailServiceAction::Status &status)
void storageActionCompleted ()
void storageActionFailure (const QMailAccountId &accountId, const QString &)
void synchronizeFolder ()
void transferFailure (const QMailAccountId &accountId, const QString &, int)
void transmitCompleted ()
void updateAccounts ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void clearStatusText ()
virtual EmailFolderModelcreateEmailFolderModel ()
virtual ReadMailcreateReadMailWidget ()
virtual SearchViewcreateSearchView ()
virtual WriteMailcreateWriteMailWidget ()
EmailFolderModelemailFolderModel () const
EmailFolderViewfolderView () const
MessageListViewmessageListView () const
ReadMailreadMailWidget () const
void resumeMailCounts ()
SearchViewsearchView () const
void setupUi ()
void showEvent (QShowEvent *e)
virtual void showFolderStatus (QMailMessageSet *item)
void suspendMailCounts ()
void viewComposer ()
void viewSearchResults (const QMailMessageKey &filter, const QString &title=QString())
WriteMailwriteMailWidget () const

Protected Attributes

QString appTitle
bool emailCountSuspended
bool markingMode
QMailMessageId selectedMessageId
int selectionCount
bool suspendMailCount
bool threaded

Private Types

enum  InitialAction {
  None = 0, IncomingMessages, NewMessages, View,
  Compose, Cleanup

Private Slots

void createFolder ()
void delayedInit ()
void deleteFolder ()
void initActions ()
void markMessages ()
void messageServerProcessError (QProcess::ProcessError)
void openFiles ()
void renameFolder ()
void resumeInterruptedComposition ()
bool startMessageServer ()
void threadMessages ()
void updateActions ()
bool waitForMessageServer ()

Private Member Functions

void accessError (const QString &folderName)
bool applyToSelectedFolder (void(EmailClient::*function)(const QMailFolderId &))
bool checkMailConflict (const QString &msg1, const QString &msg2)
void clearNewMessageStatus (const QMailMessageKey &key)
void closeAfterTransmissionsFinished ()
void closeApplication ()
void connectServiceAction (QMailServiceAction *action)
QMailFolderId containingFolder (const QMailMessageId &id)
void contextStatusUpdate ()
virtual EmailFolderViewcreateFolderView ()
virtual MessageListViewcreateMessageListView ()
QAction * createSeparator ()
void displayCachedMail ()
QMailAccountIdList emailAccounts () const
void getNextNewMail ()
void init ()
bool isMessageServerRunning () const
bool isRetrieving ()
bool isSending ()
bool isTransmitting ()
void mailResponded ()
QString mailType (QMailMessage::MessageType type)
void readSettings ()
void receiveFailure (const QMailAccountId &accountId)
QMailRetrievalActionretrieveAction (const QString &description)
bool saveSettings ()
void sendFailure (const QMailAccountId &accountId)
void setActionVisible (QAction *, bool)
void setMarkingMode (bool set)
void setNewMessageCount (QMailMessage::MessageType type, uint)
void setRetrievalInProgress (bool y)
void setSendingInProgress (bool y)
void setSuspendPermitted (bool y)
void setThreaded (bool set)
QMailStorageActionstorageAction (const QString &description)
void transferStatusUpdate (int status)
QMailTransmitActiontransmitAction (const QString &description)
void updateGetAccountButton ()
void updateGetMailButton ()
bool verifyAccount (const QMailAccountId &accountId, bool outgoing)

Private Attributes

QMap< QAction *, bool > actionVisibility
bool autoGetMail
QMailMessageId cachedDisplayMailId
QAction * cancelButton
bool closeAfterTransmissions
bool closeAfterWrite
QAction * composeButton
QAction * copyAction
QAction * createFolderAction
QAction * deleteFolderAction
QAction * deleteMailAction
QAction * detachThreadAction
QAction * emptyTrashAction
bool enableMessageActions
QTimer fetchTimer
bool filesRead
QSet< QMailMessageIdflagMessageIds
QAction * forwardAction
QAction * getAccountButton
QAction * getMailButton
InitialAction initialAction
QMailMessageId lastDraftId
QSet< QMailFolderIdlocationSet
QMenu * m_contextMenu
QProcess * m_messageServerProcess
QMailAccountIdList m_queuedExports
QToolBar * m_toolBar
QMailAccountId mailAccountId
QAction * markAction
QAction * moveAction
QAction * nextMessageAction
QAction * nextUnreadMessageAction
QAction * notificationAction
int preSearchWidgetId
QAction * previousMessageAction
QAction * previousUnreadMessageAction
int primaryActivity
QList< int > queuedAccountIds
QAction * readerMarkMessageAsImportantAction
QAction * readerMarkMessageAsNotImportantAction
QAction * readerMarkMessageAsUnreadAction
QAction * renameFolderAction
quint64 repliedFlags
QMailMessageId repliedFromMailId
QAction * replyAction
QAction * replyAllAction
QAction * restoreAction
QMailAccountIdList retrievalAccountIds
QAction * scrollReaderDownAction
QAction * scrollReaderUpAction
QAction * searchButton
QAction * selectAllAction
QMailAccountId selectedAccountId
QMailFolderId selectedFolderId
QAction * settingsAction
QAction * synchronizeAction
QAction * threadAction
uint totalSize
int transferStatus
bool transmissionFailure
QMailAccountIdList transmitAccountIds
QAction * workOfflineAction

Detailed Description

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