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ImapClient Class Reference

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Public Slots

void dataFetched (const QString &uid, const QString &section, const QString &fileName, int size)
void downloadSize (const QString &uid, int)
void folderCreated (const QString &folder)
void folderDeleted (const QMailFolder &folder)
void folderRenamed (const QMailFolder &folder, const QString &newName)
void mailboxListed (const QString &, const QString &)
void messageCopied (const QString &, const QString &)
void messageCreated (const QMailMessageId &, const QString &)
void messageFetched (QMailMessage &mail, const QString &detachedFilename, bool structureOnly)
void messageStored (const QString &)
void nonexistentUid (const QString &uid)
void transportError (int, const QString &msg)
void transportError (QMailServiceAction::Status::ErrorCode, const QString &msg)
void urlAuthorized (const QString &url)


void allMessagesReceived ()
void errorOccurred (int, const QString &)
void errorOccurred (QMailServiceAction::Status::ErrorCode, const QString &)
void idleFlagsChangedNotification (QMailFolderId)
void idleNewMailNotification (QMailFolderId)
void matchingMessageIds (const QMailMessageIdList &messages)
void messageActionCompleted (const QString &uid)
void messageCopyCompleted (QMailMessage &message, const QMailMessage &original)
void progressChanged (uint, uint)
void restartPushEmail ()
void retrievalCompleted ()
void updateStatus (const QString &)

Public Member Functions

QMailAccountId account () const
void cancelTransfer (QMailServiceAction::Status::ErrorCode code, const QString &text)
void closeConnection ()
QMailFolderIdList configurationIdleFolderIds ()
QStringList deletedMessages (const QMailFolderId &folderId) const
bool idlesEstablished ()
void idling (const QMailFolderId &id)
 ImapClient (QObject *parent)
QMailFolderId mailboxId (const QString &path) const
QMailFolderIdList mailboxIds () const
QMailMessageKey messagesKey (const QMailFolderId &folderId) const
void monitor (const QMailFolderIdList &mailboxIds)
void newConnection ()
void removeAllFromBuffer (QMailMessage *message)
void requestRapidClose ()
QStringList serverUids (QMailMessageKey key) const
QStringList serverUids (const QMailFolderId &folderId, quint64 messageStatusFilter, bool set=true) const
QStringList serverUids (const QMailFolderId &folderId) const
void setAccount (const QMailAccountId &accountId)
void setStrategy (ImapStrategy *strategy)
ImapStrategystrategy () const
ImapStrategyContextstrategyContext ()
QMailMessageKey trashKey (const QMailFolderId &folderId) const

Protected Slots

void checkCommandResponse (const ImapCommand, const OperationStatus)
void commandCompleted (const ImapCommand, const OperationStatus)
void commandTransition (const ImapCommand, const OperationStatus)
void connectionInactive ()
void idleOpenRequested (IdleProtocol *)
void messageBufferFlushed ()
void transportStatus (const QString &status)

Private Member Functions

void deactivateConnection ()
void operationFailed (QMailServiceAction::Status::ErrorCode code, const QString &text)
void operationFailed (int code, const QString &text)
void retrieveOperationCompleted ()
void updateFolderCountStatus (QMailFolder *folder)

Private Attributes

QVector< QMailMessage * > _bufferedMessages
QMailMessageClassifier _classifier
int _closeCount
QMailAccountConfiguration _config
bool _idlesEstablished
QTimer _inactiveTimer
QMap< QMailFolderId,
IdleProtocol * > 
ImapProtocol _protocol
bool _qresyncEnabled
bool _rapidClosing
bool _requestRapidClose
bool _waitingForIdle
QMailFolderIdList _waitingForIdleFolderIds
< QMailMessageBufferFlushCallback * > 

Static Private Attributes

static const int MaxTimeBeforeNoop = 60 * 1000


class ImapStrategyContextBase

Detailed Description

Definition at line 63 of file imapclient.h.

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