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ImapConfiguration Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  ServiceType {
  Unknown = 0, Source, Sink, SourceAndSink,

Public Member Functions

QString baseFolder () const
bool canDeleteMail () const
QStringList capabilities () const
int checkInterval () const
bool downloadAttachments () const
QMailAccountId id () const
 ImapConfiguration (const QMailAccountConfiguration::ServiceConfiguration &svcCfg)
 ImapConfiguration (const QMailAccountConfiguration &config)
bool intervalCheckRoamingEnabled () const
bool isAutoDownload () const
bool isEmpty () const
bool isValid () const
int mailAuthentication () const
int mailEncryption () const
QString mailPassword () const
int mailPort () const
QString mailServer () const
QString mailUserName () const
int maxMailSize () const
QString preferredTextSubtype () const
bool pushCapable () const
bool pushEnabled () const
QStringList pushFolders () const
QString service () const
void setCapabilities (const QStringList &s)
void setPushCapable (bool b)
void setTimeTillLogout (int milliseconds)
void setType (ServiceType type)
void setValue (const QString &name, const QString &value)
void setVersion (int version)
int timeTillLogout () const
ServiceType type () const
QString value (const QString &name, const QString &defaultValue=QString()) const
int version () const

Static Protected Member Functions

static QString decodeValue (const QString &value)
static QString encodeValue (const QString &value)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 58 of file imapconfiguration.h.

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