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ImapProtocol Class Reference

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void completed (ImapCommand, OperationStatus)
void connectionError (int status, const QString &msg)
void connectionError (QMailServiceAction::Status::ErrorCode status, const QString &msg)
void continuationRequired (ImapCommand, const QString &)
void dataFetched (const QString &uid, const QString &section, const QString &fileName, int size)
void downloadSize (const QString &uid, int)
void exists (int)
void flags (const QString &)
void folderCreated (const QString &folder)
void folderDeleted (const QMailFolder &name)
void folderRenamed (const QMailFolder &folder, const QString &newPath)
void highestModSeq (const QString &)
void mailboxListed (const QString &flags, const QString &name)
void messageCopied (const QString &copiedUid, const QString &createdUid)
void messageCreated (const QMailMessageId &id, const QString &uid)
void messageFetched (QMailMessage &mail, const QString &detachedFilename, bool structureOnly)
void messageStored (const QString &uid)
void noModSeq ()
void nonexistentUid (const QString &uid)
void recent (int)
void uidValidity (const QString &)
void updateStatus (const QString &)
void urlAuthorized (const QString &url)

Public Member Functions

const QStringList & capabilities () const
void close ()
bool connected () const
QChar delimiter () const
bool delimiterUnknown () const
bool encrypted () const
bool flatHierarchy () const
bool inUse () const
QString lastError () const
bool loggingOut () const
const ImapMailboxPropertiesmailbox () const
virtual bool open (const ImapConfiguration &config)
void sendAppend (const QMailFolder &mailbox, const QMailMessageId &message)
void sendCapability ()
void sendClose ()
void sendCreate (const QMailFolderId &parentFolderId, const QString &name)
void sendDelete (const QMailFolder &mailbox)
void sendDiscoverDelimiter ()
void sendEnable (const QString &extensions)
void sendExamine (const QMailFolder &mailbox)
void sendExpunge ()
void sendFetchFlags (const QString &range, const QString &prefix=QString())
void sendGenUrlAuth (const QMailMessagePart::Location &location, bool bodyOnly, const QString &mechanism=QString())
void sendIdle ()
void sendIdleDone ()
void sendList (const QMailFolder &reference, const QString &mailbox)
void sendLogin (const QMailAccountConfiguration &config)
void sendLogout ()
void sendNoop ()
void sendQResync (const QMailFolder &mailbox)
void sendRename (const QMailFolder &mailbox, const QString &newname)
void sendSearch (MessageFlags flags, const QString &range=QString())
void sendSearchMessages (const QMailMessageKey &key, const QString &body, const QMailMessageSortKey &sort)
void sendSelect (const QMailFolder &mailbox)
void sendStartTLS ()
void sendUidCopy (const QString &range, const QMailFolder &destination)
void sendUidFetch (FetchItemFlags items, const QString &uidList)
void sendUidFetchSection (const QString &uid, const QString &section, int start, int end)
void sendUidSearch (MessageFlags flags, const QString &range=QString())
void sendUidStore (MessageFlags flags, bool set, const QString &range)
void setCapabilities (const QStringList &)
void setDelimiter (QChar delimiter)
void setFlatHierarchy (bool flat)
bool supportsCapability (const QString &name) const

Static Public Member Functions

static QString quoteString (const QString &input)
static QByteArray quoteString (const QByteArray &input)
static QString uid (const QString &identifier)
static QString url (const QMailMessagePart::Location &location, bool absolute, bool bodyOnly)

Protected Slots

void connected (QMailTransport::EncryptType encryptType)
void errorHandling (int status, QString msg)
void incomingData ()

Private Member Functions

bool checkSpace ()
void clearResponse ()
QString commandId (QString in)
OperationStatus commandResponse (QString in)
void continuation (ImapCommand, const QString &)
void createMail (const QString &uid, const QDateTime &timeStamp, int size, uint flags, const QString &file, const QStringList &structure)
void createPart (const QString &uid, const QString &section, const QString &file, int size)
int literalDataRemaining () const
QString newCommandId ()
void nextAction (const QString &line)
void operationCompleted (ImapCommand, OperationStatus)
void parseChange ()
QString precedingLiteral () const
void processResponse (QString line)
QString sendCommand (const QString &cmd)
QString sendCommandLiteral (const QString &cmd, uint length)
void sendData (const QString &cmd)
void sendDataLiteral (const QString &cmd, uint length)
void setLiteralDataRemaining (int literalDataRemaining)
void setPrecedingLiteral (const QString &line)

Private Attributes

QStringList _capabilities
QChar _delimiter
QStringList _errorList
bool _flatHierarchy
QTimer _incomingDataTimer
QString _lastError
int _literalDataRemaining
ImapMailboxProperties _mailbox
QString _precedingLiteral
int _requestCount
LongStream _stream
QString _unprocessedInput

Static Private Attributes

static const int MAX_LINES = 30


class ImapContext

Detailed Description

Definition at line 139 of file imapprotocol.h.

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