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ImapStrategy Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void clearError ()
virtual void dataFetched (ImapStrategyContextBase *context, QMailMessage &message, const QString &uid, const QString &section)
virtual void dataFlushed (ImapStrategyContextBase *context, QMailMessage &message, const QString &uid, const QString &section)
virtual void downloadSize (ImapStrategyContextBase *context, const QString &uid, int length)
bool error ()
virtual void folderCreated (ImapStrategyContextBase *context, const QString &folder)
virtual void folderDeleted (ImapStrategyContextBase *context, const QMailFolder &folder)
virtual void folderRenamed (ImapStrategyContextBase *context, const QMailFolder &folder, const QString &newName)
virtual void mailboxListed (ImapStrategyContextBase *context, QMailFolder &folder, const QString &flags)
virtual void messageCopied (ImapStrategyContextBase *context, const QString &copiedUid, const QString &createdUid)
virtual void messageCreated (ImapStrategyContextBase *context, const QMailMessageId &id, const QString &uid)
virtual void messageFetched (ImapStrategyContextBase *context, QMailMessage &message)
virtual void messageFlushed (ImapStrategyContextBase *context, QMailMessage &message)
virtual void messageStored (ImapStrategyContextBase *context, const QString &uid)
virtual void newConnection (ImapStrategyContextBase *context)
virtual void nonexistentUid (ImapStrategyContextBase *context, const QString &uid)
virtual void selectFolder (ImapStrategyContextBase *context, const QMailFolder &folder)
virtual void transition (ImapStrategyContextBase *, const ImapCommand, const OperationStatus)=0
virtual void urlAuthorized (ImapStrategyContextBase *context, const QString &url)

Protected Types

enum  TransferState {
  Init, List, Search, Preview,
  Complete, Copy

Protected Member Functions

virtual void initialAction (ImapStrategyContextBase *context)

Protected Attributes

QString _baseFolder
bool _error
QMap< QString, bool > _folder
TransferState _transferState

Detailed Description

Definition at line 130 of file imapstrategy.h.

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