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QMailAccountMessageSet Class Reference

The QMailAccountMessageSet class represents a set of messages corresponding to the content of a QMailAccount. More...

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Public Types


Public Member Functions

QMailAccountId accountId () const
virtual void append (QMailMessageSet *child)
QMailMessageSetat (int i) const
int count () const
QVariant data (int role, int column=0)
virtual QMailMessageKey descendantsMessageKey () const
virtual QString displayName () const
bool hierarchical () const
InterfaceType::QMailMessageSetContainerPrivate * impl (InterfaceType *)
ImplementationSubclass * impl ()
const ImplementationSubclass * impl () const
InterfaceType::QMailMessageSetContainerPrivate * 
impl (const InterfaceType *) const
int indexOf (QMailMessageSet *child) const
virtual QMailMessageKey messageKey () const
virtual QMailMessageSetModelmodel ()
QModelIndex modelIndex (int column=0)
QMailMessageSetContainerparentContainer ()
 QMailAccountMessageSet (QMailMessageSetContainer *container, const QMailAccountId &accountId, bool hierarchical=true)
virtual QObject * qObject ()
virtual void remove (const QList< QMailMessageSet * > &obsoleteChildren)
virtual void remove (QMailMessageSet *child)
virtual void removeDescendants ()
virtual void update (QMailMessageSet *child)

Static Public Member Functions

static QMailMessageKey contentKey (const QMailAccountId &id, bool descendants)

Protected Slots

virtual void accountContentsModified (const QMailAccountIdList &ids)
virtual void accountsUpdated (const QMailAccountIdList &ids)
virtual void foldersAdded (const QMailFolderIdList &ids)
virtual void foldersRemoved (const QMailFolderIdList &ids)
virtual void foldersUpdated (const QMailFolderIdList &ids)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void createChild (const QMailFolderId &childId)
virtual void init ()
virtual void resyncState ()
QMailFolderKey rootFolderKey () const
virtual void synchronizeChildren ()

Protected Attributes

< QMailMessageSetContainerPrivate


class QMailMessageSetContainer

Detailed Description

The QMailAccountMessageSet class represents a set of messages corresponding to the content of a QMailAccount.

QMailAccountMessageSet provides a representation for a named subset of messages, specified by their parent QMailAccount.

If the QMailAccountMessageSet is hierarchical(), then any folders contained by the account will automatically be managed as child {QMailFolderMessageSet}s of the parent QMailAccountMessageSet.

Definition at line 170 of file qmailmessageset.h.

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