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QMailActionObserver Class Reference

The QMailActionObserver class provides an interface for monitoring currently running actions. More...

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Public Types

enum  Activity { Pending = 0, InProgress, Successful, Failed }
enum  Connectivity { Offline = 0, Connecting, Connected, Disconnected }
typedef QMailActionObserverPrivate ImplementationType

Public Slots

virtual void cancelOperation ()


void actionsChanged (const QList< QSharedPointer< QMailActionInfo > > &newActions)
void activityChanged (QMailServiceAction::Activity a)
void connectivityChanged (QMailServiceAction::Connectivity c)
void progressChanged (uint value, uint total)
void statusChanged (const QMailServiceAction::Status &s)

Public Member Functions

QList< QSharedPointer
< QMailActionInfo > > 
actions () const
Activity activity () const
Connectivity connectivity () const
InterfaceType::QMailServiceActionPrivate * impl (InterfaceType *)
const ImplementationSubclass * impl () const
ImplementationSubclass * impl ()
InterfaceType::QMailServiceActionPrivate * 
impl (const InterfaceType *) const
QPair< uint, uint > progress () const
 QMailActionObserver (QObject *parent=0)
const Status status () const
virtual ~QMailActionObserver ()

Protected Member Functions

void setStatus (Status::ErrorCode code, const QString &text=QString())
void setStatus (Status::ErrorCode code, const QString &text, const QMailAccountId &accountId, const QMailFolderId &folderId=QMailFolderId(), const QMailMessageId &messageId=QMailMessageId())

Protected Attributes

< QMailServiceActionPrivate

Detailed Description

The QMailActionObserver class provides an interface for monitoring currently running actions.

QMailActionObserver provides a mechanism for messaging clients to observe what actions the messageserver is currently running. A list of currently running actions can be retrieved with actions(). When actions are started or finished actionsChanged() is emitted with the new list of actions.

QMailActionObserver is initialised asynchronously, thus reading actions() immediately will return an empty list.

Definition at line 302 of file qmailserviceaction.h.

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