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QMailMessageMetaData Class Reference

The QMailMessageMetaData class provides information about a message stored by QMF. More...

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Public Types

enum  ContentType {
  UnknownContent = 0, NoContent = 1, PlainTextContent = 2, RichTextContent = 3,
  HtmlContent = 4, ImageContent = 5, AudioContent = 6, VideoContent = 7,
  MultipartContent = 8, SmilContent = 9, VoicemailContent = 10, VideomailContent = 11,
  VCardContent = 12, VCalendarContent = 13, ICalendarContent = 14, DeliveryReportContent = 15,
  UserContent = 64
typedef QMailMessageMetaDataPrivate ImplementationType
enum  MessageType {
  Mms = 0x1, Sms = 0x4, Email = 0x8, System = 0x10,
  Instant = 0x20, None = 0, AnyType = Mms | Sms | Email | System | Instant
enum  ResponseType {
  NoResponse = 0, Reply = 1, ReplyToAll = 2, Forward = 3,
  ForwardPart = 4, Redirect = 5, UnspecifiedResponse = 6

Public Member Functions

virtual ContentType content () const
virtual bool contentAvailable () const
virtual QString contentIdentifier () const
virtual QString contentScheme () const
virtual QString copyServerUid () const
QString customField (const QString &name) const
const QMap< QString, QString > & customFields () const
virtual bool dataModified () const
virtual QMailTimeStamp date () const
template<typename Stream >
void deserialize (Stream &stream)
virtual QMailAddress from () const
virtual QMailMessageId id () const
ImplementationSubclass * impl ()
InterfaceType::QMailMessageMetaDataPrivate * impl (InterfaceType *)
const ImplementationSubclass * impl () const
InterfaceType::QMailMessageMetaDataPrivate * 
impl (const InterfaceType *) const
virtual uint indicativeSize () const
virtual QMailMessageId inResponseTo () const
QMailMessageId latestInConversation () const
virtual QString listId () const
virtual MessageType messageType () const
virtual QMailAccountId parentAccountId () const
virtual QMailFolderId parentFolderId () const
virtual bool partialContentAvailable () const
virtual QString preview () const
virtual QMailFolderId previousParentFolderId () const
 QMailMessageMetaData ()
 QMailMessageMetaData (const QMailMessageId &id)
 QMailMessageMetaData (const QString &uid, const QMailAccountId &accountId)
virtual QMailTimeStamp receivedDate () const
void removeCustomField (const QString &name)
virtual ResponseType responseType () const
virtual QMailFolderId restoreFolderId () const
virtual QString rfcId () const
template<typename Stream >
void serialize (Stream &stream) const
virtual QString serverUid () const
virtual void setContent (ContentType type)
virtual bool setContentIdentifier (const QString &i)
virtual bool setContentScheme (const QString &s)
virtual void setCopyServerUid (const QString &s)
void setCustomField (const QString &name, const QString &value)
void setCustomFields (const QMap< QString, QString > &fields)
virtual void setDate (const QMailTimeStamp &s)
virtual void setFrom (const QMailAddress &s)
virtual void setId (const QMailMessageId &id)
virtual void setInResponseTo (const QMailMessageId &id)
virtual void setListId (const QString &s)
virtual void setMessageType (MessageType t)
virtual void setParentAccountId (const QMailAccountId &id)
virtual void setParentFolderId (const QMailFolderId &id)
virtual void setPreview (const QString &s)
virtual void setPreviousParentFolderId (const QMailFolderId &id)
virtual void setReceivedDate (const QMailTimeStamp &s)
virtual void setResponseType (ResponseType type)
virtual void setRestoreFolderId (const QMailFolderId &s)
virtual void setRfcId (const QString &s)
virtual void setServerUid (const QString &s)
virtual void setSize (uint i)
virtual void setStatus (quint64 newStatus)
virtual void setStatus (quint64 mask, bool set)
virtual void setSubject (const QString &s)
virtual void setTo (const QList< QMailAddress > &s)
virtual void setTo (const QMailAddress &s)
virtual uint size () const
virtual quint64 status () const
virtual QString subject () const
virtual QList< QMailAddressto () const

Static Public Member Functions

static quint64 statusMask (const QString &flagName)

Static Public Attributes

static const quint64 & CalendarInvitation = calendarInvitationFlag
static const quint64 & ContentAvailable = contentAvailableFlag
static const quint64 & Draft = draftFlag
static const quint64 & Forwarded = forwardedFlag
static const quint64 & HasAttachments = hasAttachmentsFlag
static const quint64 & HasReferences = hasReferencesFlag
static const quint64 & HasUnresolvedReferences = hasUnresolvedReferencesFlag
static const quint64 & HighPriority = highPriorityFlag
static const quint64 & Important = importantFlag
static const quint64 & ImportantElsewhere = importantElsewhereFlag
static const quint64 & Incoming = incomingFlag
static const quint64 & Junk = junkFlag
static const quint64 & LocalOnly = localOnlyFlag
static const quint64 & LowPriority = lowPriorityFlag
static const quint64 & New = newFlag
static const quint64 & Outbox = outboxFlag
static const quint64 & Outgoing = outgoingFlag
static const quint64 & PartialContentAvailable = partialContentAvailableFlag
static const quint64 & Read = readFlag
static const quint64 & ReadElsewhere = readElsewhereFlag
static const quint64 & ReadReplyRequested = readReplyRequestedFlag
static const quint64 & Removed = removedFlag
static const quint64 & Replied = repliedFlag
static const quint64 & RepliedAll = repliedAllFlag
static const quint64 & Sent = sentFlag
static const quint64 & Temporary = temporaryFlag
static const quint64 & TransmitFromExternal = transmitFromExternalFlag
static const quint64 & Trash = trashFlag
static const quint64 & UnloadedData = unloadedDataFlag

Protected Attributes

< QMailMessageMetaDataPrivate

Private Member Functions

bool customFieldsModified () const
void setCustomFieldsModified (bool set)
void setLatestInConversation (QMailMessageId const &id)
virtual void setUnmodified ()


class QMailMessage
class QMailMessagePrivate
class QMailStore
class QMailStorePrivate

Detailed Description

The QMailMessageMetaData class provides information about a message stored by QMF.

The QMailMessageMetaData class provides information about messages stored in the Qt Extended system as QMailMessage objects. The meta data is more compact and more easily accessed and manipulated than the content of the message itself. Many messaging-related tasks can be accomplished by manipulating the message meta data, such as listing, filtering, and searching through sets of messages.

QMailMessageMetaData objects can be created as needed, specifying the identifier of the message whose meta data is required. The meta data of a message can be located by specifying the QMailMessageId identifier directly, or by specifying the account and server UID pair needed to locate the message.

The content of the message described by the meta data object can be accessed by creating a QMailMessage object specifying the identifier returned by QMailMessageMetaData::id().

See also:
QMailStore, QMailMessageId

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