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QMailSearchActionPrivate Class Reference

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void messageIdsMatched (const QMailMessageIdList &ids)

Public Member Functions

void cancelOperation ()
void delete_self ()
 QMailSearchActionPrivate (QMailSearchAction *i)
void searchMessages (const QMailMessageKey &filter, const QString &bodyText, QMailSearchAction::SearchSpecification spec, const QMailMessageSortKey &sort)
void setAction (quint64 action)

Protected Slots

void activityChanged (quint64, QMailServiceAction::Activity activity)
void clearSubActions ()
void connectivityChanged (quint64, QMailServiceAction::Connectivity connectivity)
void connectSubAction (QMailServiceAction *subAction)
void disconnectSubAction (QMailServiceAction *subAction)
void progressChanged (quint64, uint progress, uint total)
void statusChanged (quint64, const QMailServiceAction::Status status)
void subActionActivityChanged (QMailServiceAction::Activity a)
void subActionConnectivityChanged (QMailServiceAction::Connectivity c)
void subActionProgressChanged (uint value, uint total)
void subActionStatusChanged (const QMailServiceAction::Status &s)

Protected Member Functions

void appendSubAction (QMailServiceAction *subAction, QSharedPointer< QMailServiceActionCommand > command)
void emitChanges ()
void executeNextSubAction ()
virtual void init ()
quint64 newAction ()
void setActivity (QMailServiceAction::Activity newActivity)
void setConnectivity (QMailServiceAction::Connectivity newConnectivity)
void setProgress (uint newProgress, uint newTotal)
void setStatus (QMailServiceAction::Status::ErrorCode code, const QString &text)
void setStatus (QMailServiceAction::Status::ErrorCode code, const QString &text, const QMailAccountId &accountId, const QMailFolderId &folderId, const QMailMessageId &messageId)
void setStatus (const QMailServiceAction::Status &status)
bool validAction (quint64 action)

Protected Attributes

quint64 _action
QMailServiceAction::Activity _activity
bool _activityChanged
QMailServiceAction::Connectivity _connectivity
bool _connectivityChanged
bool _isValid
QList< ActionCommand_pendingActions
uint _progress
bool _progressChanged
QMailServiceAction::Status _status
bool _statusChanged
uint _total

Private Slots

void finaliseSearch ()
void matchingMessageIds (quint64 action, const QMailMessageIdList &ids)
void searchCompleted (quint64 action)

Private Attributes

QMailMessageIdList _matchingIds


class QMailSearchAction
class QMailServiceAction

Detailed Description

Definition at line 310 of file qmailserviceaction_p.h.

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