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QMailTransport Class Reference

The QMailTransport class provides a line-oriented socket for messaging communications. More...

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class  Socket

Public Types

enum  EncryptType { Encrypt_NONE = 0, Encrypt_SSL = 1, Encrypt_TLS = 2 }

Public Slots

void errorHandling (int errorCode, QString msg)
void socketError (QAbstractSocket::SocketError error)


void bytesWritten (qint64 transmitted)
void connected (QMailTransport::EncryptType encryptType)
void errorOccurred (int status, QString)
void readyRead ()
void updateStatus (const QString &)

Public Member Functions

qint64 bytesSinceMark () const
bool canReadLine () const
void close ()
bool connected () const
bool inUse () const
bool isEncrypted () const
void mark ()
void open (const QString &url, int port, EncryptType encryptionType)
 QMailTransport (const char *name)
QByteArray readLine (qint64 maxSize=0)
QAbstractSocket & socket ()
QDataStream & stream ()
void switchToEncrypted ()

Protected Slots

void connectionEstablished ()
void connectionFailed (const QList< QSslError > &errors)
void encryptionEstablished ()
void hostConnectionTimeOut ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool ignoreCertificateErrors (const QList< QSslError > &errors)

Private Member Functions

void createSocket (EncryptType encryptType)
EncryptType mailEncryption () const

Private Attributes

QTimer * connectToHostTimeOut
EncryptType encryption
bool mConnected
bool mInUse
const char * mName
QDataStream * mStream

Detailed Description

The QMailTransport class provides a line-oriented socket for messaging communications.

QMailTransport implements a TLS and SSL enabled socket, whose incoming data can be processed one line of text at a time.

QMailTransport provides the ability to count the bytes written via the socket, which is useful when data is inserted into a stream layered above the socket.

Definition at line 61 of file qmailtransport.h.

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