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ServiceHandler Class Reference

List of all members.


class  ActionData
class  MessageSearch
struct  Request

Public Slots

void cancelLocalSearch (quint64 action)
void cancelTransfer (quint64 action)
void copyMessages (quint64 action, const QMailMessageIdList &mailList, const QMailFolderId &destination)
void createFolder (quint64 action, const QString &name, const QMailAccountId &accountId, const QMailFolderId &parentId)
void deleteFolder (quint64 action, const QMailFolderId &folderId)
void deleteMessages (quint64 action, const QMailMessageIdList &mailList, QMailStore::MessageRemovalOption)
void exportUpdates (quint64, const QMailAccountId &accountId)
void flagMessages (quint64 action, const QMailMessageIdList &mailList, quint64 setMask, quint64 unsetMask)
void listActions ()
void moveMessages (quint64 action, const QMailMessageIdList &mailList, const QMailFolderId &destination)
void protocolRequest (quint64 action, const QMailAccountId &accountId, const QString &request, const QVariant &data)
void renameFolder (quint64 action, const QMailFolderId &folderId, const QString &name)
void retrieveAll (quint64, const QMailAccountId &accountId)
void retrieveFolderList (quint64, const QMailAccountId &accountId, const QMailFolderId &folderId, bool descending)
void retrieveMessageList (quint64, const QMailAccountId &accountId, const QMailFolderId &folderId, uint minimum, const QMailMessageSortKey &sort)
void retrieveMessagePart (quint64, const QMailMessagePart::Location &partLocation)
void retrieveMessagePartRange (quint64, const QMailMessagePart::Location &partLocation, uint minimum)
void retrieveMessageRange (quint64, const QMailMessageId &messageId, uint minimum)
void retrieveMessages (quint64, const QMailMessageIdList &messageIds, QMailRetrievalAction::RetrievalSpecification spec)
void searchMessages (quint64 action, const QMailMessageKey &filter, const QString &bodyText, QMailSearchAction::SearchSpecification spec, const QMailMessageSortKey &sort)
void shutdown ()
void synchronize (quint64, const QMailAccountId &accountId)
void transmitMessages (quint64 action, const QMailAccountId &accountId)


void actionsListed (const QMailActionDataList &actions)
void actionStarted (QMailActionData action)
void activityChanged (quint64 action, QMailServiceAction::Activity activity)
void availabilityChanged (quint64 action, bool available)
void connectivityChanged (quint64 action, QMailServiceAction::Connectivity connectivity)
void folderCreated (quint64 action, const QMailFolderId &)
void folderDeleted (quint64 action, const QMailFolderId &)
void folderRenamed (quint64 action, const QMailFolderId &)
void matchingMessageIds (quint64 action, const QMailMessageIdList &)
void messagesCopied (quint64 action, const QMailMessageIdList &)
void messagesDeleted (quint64 action, const QMailMessageIdList &)
void messagesFailedTransmission (quint64 action, const QMailMessageIdList &, QMailServiceAction::Status::ErrorCode)
void messagesFlagged (quint64 action, const QMailMessageIdList &)
void messagesMoved (quint64 action, const QMailMessageIdList &)
void messagesTransmitted (quint64 action, const QMailMessageIdList &)
void newMessagesAvailable ()
void progressChanged (quint64 action, uint progress, uint total)
void protocolRequestCompleted (quint64 action)
void protocolResponse (quint64 action, const QString &response, const QVariant &data)
void remoteSearchCompleted (quint64 action)
void retrievalCompleted (quint64 action)
void searchCompleted (quint64 action)
void statusChanged (quint64 action, const QMailServiceAction::Status status)
void storageActionCompleted (quint64 action)
void transmissionCompleted (quint64 action)

Public Member Functions

 ServiceHandler (QObject *parent)

Private Types

typedef void(ServiceHandler::* CompletionSignal )(quint64)
typedef bool(ServiceHandler::* RequestServicer )(quint64, const QByteArray &)

Private Slots

void accountsAdded (const QMailAccountIdList &)
void accountsRemoved (const QMailAccountIdList &)
void accountsUpdated (const QMailAccountIdList &)
void actionCompleted (bool)
void actionCompleted (bool, quint64)
void actionCompleted (bool, QMailMessageService *, quint64)
void activityChanged (QMailServiceAction::Activity)
void activityChanged (QMailServiceAction::Activity, quint64)
void availabilityChanged (bool, quint64)
void availabilityChanged (bool)
void connectivityChanged (QMailServiceAction::Connectivity)
void connectivityChanged (QMailServiceAction::Connectivity, quint64)
void continueSearch ()
void dispatchRequest ()
void expireAction ()
void matchingMessageIds (const QMailMessageIdList &)
void matchingMessageIds (const QMailMessageIdList &, quint64)
void messagesCopied (const QMailMessageIdList &)
void messagesCopied (const QMailMessageIdList &, quint64)
void messagesDeleted (const QMailMessageIdList &)
void messagesDeleted (const QMailMessageIdList &, quint64)
void messagesFailedTransmission (const QMailMessageIdList &, QMailServiceAction::Status::ErrorCode, quint64)
void messagesFailedTransmission (const QMailMessageIdList &, QMailServiceAction::Status::ErrorCode)
void messagesFlagged (const QMailMessageIdList &)
void messagesFlagged (const QMailMessageIdList &, quint64)
void messagesMoved (const QMailMessageIdList &)
void messagesMoved (const QMailMessageIdList &, quint64)
void messagesPrepared (const QMailMessageIdList &, quint64)
void messagesPrepared (const QMailMessageIdList &)
void messagesTransmitted (const QMailMessageIdList &, quint64)
void messagesTransmitted (const QMailMessageIdList &)
void progressChanged (uint, uint, quint64)
void progressChanged (uint, uint)
void protocolResponse (const QString &response, const QVariant &data, quint64)
void protocolResponse (const QString &response, const QVariant &data)
void reportFailures ()
void statusChanged (const QMailServiceAction::Status)
void statusChanged (const QMailServiceAction::Status, quint64)

Private Member Functions

QMailMessageSinkaccountSink (const QMailAccountId &accountId) const
QMailMessageSourceaccountSource (const QMailAccountId &accountId) const
QMailMessageServicecreateService (const QString &service, const QMailAccountId &accountId)
void deregisterAccountServices (const QMailAccountIdList &ids, QMailServiceAction::Status::ErrorCode code, const QString &text)
bool dispatchCopyMessages (quint64 action, const QByteArray &data)
bool dispatchCopyToLocal (quint64 action, const QByteArray &data)
bool dispatchCreateFolder (quint64 action, const QByteArray &data)
bool dispatchDeleteFolder (quint64 action, const QByteArray &data)
bool dispatchDeleteMessages (quint64 action, const QByteArray &data)
bool dispatchDiscardMessages (quint64 action, const QByteArray &data)
bool dispatchExportUpdates (quint64, const QByteArray &data)
bool dispatchFlagMessages (quint64 action, const QByteArray &data)
bool dispatchMoveMessages (quint64 action, const QByteArray &data)
bool dispatchPrepareMessages (quint64 action, const QByteArray &data)
bool dispatchProtocolRequest (quint64 action, const QByteArray &data)
bool dispatchRenameFolder (quint64 action, const QByteArray &data)
bool dispatchRetrieveAll (quint64, const QByteArray &data)
bool dispatchRetrieveFolderList (quint64, const QByteArray &data)
bool dispatchRetrieveFolderListAccount (quint64, const QByteArray &data)
bool dispatchRetrieveMessageList (quint64, const QByteArray &data)
bool dispatchRetrieveMessagePart (quint64, const QByteArray &data)
bool dispatchRetrieveMessagePartRange (quint64, const QByteArray &data)
bool dispatchRetrieveMessageRange (quint64, const QByteArray &data)
bool dispatchRetrieveMessages (quint64, const QByteArray &data)
bool dispatchSearchMessages (quint64 action, const QByteArray &data)
bool dispatchSynchronize (quint64, const QByteArray &data)
bool dispatchTransmitMessages (quint64 action, const QByteArray &data)
void enqueueRequest (quint64 action, const QByteArray &data, const QSet< QMailMessageService * > &services, RequestServicer servicer, CompletionSignal completion, QMailServerRequestType description, const QSet< QMailMessageService * > &preconditions=QSet< QMailMessageService * >())
void registerAccountService (const QMailAccountId &accountId, const QMailServiceConfiguration &svcCfg)
void registerAccountServices (const QMailAccountIdList &ids)
void registerAccountSink (const QMailAccountId &accountId, QMailMessageSink *sink, QMailMessageService *service)
void registerAccountSource (const QMailAccountId &accountId, QMailMessageSource *source, QMailMessageService *service)
void removeServiceFromActions (QMailMessageService *removeService)
void reportFailure (quint64, QMailServiceAction::Status::ErrorCode, const QString &=QString(), const QMailAccountId &=QMailAccountId(), const QMailFolderId &=QMailFolderId(), const QMailMessageId &=QMailMessageId())
void reportFailure (quint64, const QMailServiceAction::Status)
void reregisterAccountServices (QMailAccountIdList ids, QMailServiceAction::Status::ErrorCode code, const QString &text)
quint64 serviceAction (QMailMessageService *service) const
bool serviceAvailable (QPointer< QMailMessageService > service) const
bool servicesAvailable (const Request &services) const
void setRetrievalInProgress (const QMailAccountId &id, bool inProgress)
void setTransmissionInProgress (const QMailAccountId &id, bool inProgress)
quint64 sinkAction (QMailMessageSink *sink) const
QSet< QMailMessageService * > sinkServiceSet (const QSet< QMailAccountId > &ids) const
QSet< QMailMessageService * > sinkServiceSet (const QMailAccountId &id) const
quint64 sourceAction (QMailMessageSource *source) const
QSet< QMailMessageService * > sourceServiceSet (const QMailAccountId &id) const
QSet< QMailMessageService * > sourceServiceSet (const QSet< QMailAccountId > &ids) const
QMailAccountId transmissionAccountId (const QMailAccountId &accountId) const
void updateAction (quint64)

Private Attributes

QList< quint64 > _failedRequests
QSet< quint64 > _outstandingRequests
QFile _requestsFile
QSet< QMailAccountId_retrievalAccountIds
QSet< QMailAccountId_transmissionAccountIds
QLinkedList< quint64 > mActionExpiry
QMap< quint64, ActionDatamActiveActions
QMap< QMailAccountId,
QMailMessageIdList mMatchingIds
QList< RequestmRequests
QList< MessageSearchmSearches
QMailMessageIdList mSentIds
QMap< QPointer
< QMailMessageService >
, quint64 > 
QSet< QMailMessageService * > mUnavailableServices
QMap< QPair< QMailAccountId,
QString >, QPointer
< QMailMessageService > > 
QMap< QMailAccountId,
QMailMessageSink * > 
QMap< QMailMessageSink
*, QPointer
< QMailMessageService > > 
QMap< QMailAccountId,
QMailMessageSource * > 
QMap< QMailMessageSource
*, QPointer
< QMailMessageService > > 

Static Private Attributes

static const int ExpirySeconds = 120

Detailed Description

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